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  • A peel–off hygienic seal/cap atop aluminum beverage cans and canned/cupped foodstuffs
  • Seal/cap presents advertising/promotional messages on both the topside and underside of the cap
  • Goal is to have messaging available on all beverage brands leveraging the brand’s consumer profiles and geo-demographic distribution networks already in place
  • Seal/cap is waterproof and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, distribution methods, and transportation means.
  • FDA approved label material allows for 4 color creative messaging on the outside (top) of the cap and single color messaging available under the cap (“Peel to Reveal”TM).




1.       Paid can top advertising could feasibly off-set the costs of goods sold.

2.       Due to the mandatory interactive read and multiple impression aspects of this type advertising, we assume that each label could hold a value of $50 to $100 CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) This by far overrides any label, license and machining costs of the model.

3.       Having a sanitary label over the exposed can will assuredly cause a surge in beverage demand. The benefit of market share increase against competing brands implies a “Priceless” benefit, which also overrides the costs of the program.

4.       Many Beverage Cans now adorn messaging/coupons/contests on the sides of the can. Can Top Advertising does not interfere with branding space while distributing the same message.

5.       Consumer draw to couponning, collectibles and contests leads to further sales increases of all products.

6.       Additional allure of the complete package is increased with color-matched branding.

7.       The positive PR arising from introducing this new  Consumer Protection & Gaming Device” will be overwhelming.

8.       For brewers, the label may be used as a “Don’t Drink and Drive Billboard” leading to governmental credits. There would be additional space for 2nd and 3rd party advertising to generate revenues on the front and backside of the label.



EXAMPLE: Wal*Mart’s Sam’s choice and other beverages/beers distributed in the billions

1.       IMMESURABLE branding benefits to have all beverages adorning the retailer’s logo and slogan.

2.       Opportunity to reduce the price of store soda brand by selling ad space on the tops of cans. A “50 cent 6 pack” for loss-leader customer interest is possible

3.       Inertia of new customers drawn to the retailer having Clean-Safe-Gaming-Couponings beverages available while others do not.

4.       Messaging space for community services/charity interests. E.g., Governmental campaigns, health warnings, Amber Alerts, fund drives, U.S.A. patriots funding, school district announcements, city-county-state public issues. (Tax breaks to distribute Governmental messages in the billions)

5.       In store P.O.S., coupon redemption/collection, and Impulse buying enacted by beverage label contact.

6.       Return visits to store to redeem prizes, coupons, and swag represented on can top labels.

7.       Corporate tie ins with celebrity represented product lines sold in store.

8.       Positive TV, Radio, Newsprint, Internet, Magazine PR from protecting your customer’s family from can top contaminants will assist retail advertising budgeting and expected returns.


1.       Geographically and demographically targeted distribution systems are already in place.

2.       Psychographic targeting via beverage brand attributes and consumer profiles.

3.       HIGH degree of consumer interaction and a guaranteed impression with ad being viewed before beverage is consumed. “Touch and Target” TNT marketing.

a.       Incremental impressions through pass-alongs and shelf viewing

4.       Ease of transportability. Coupons, ads, offers, messages, contests, collectibles, etc, are easily carried with the consumer until action can be taken.

         5. Positive advertising environment:

a.       Consumer value perception by protection against can top bacteria, D.H.S. concerns, and other contamination threats perceived to be an issue by the consumer. A microbial barrier/seal over a direct mouth contact could thwart absenteeism in school and work places by curtailing the spread of air-borne germs.

b.       Association with trusted brand with similar brand attributes. “Tasty Ad Association”

          6. ESPECIALLY: Ultra low cost per impression. At 50 to 100 CPM, the multi impression/targeted marketing value of can top advertising will exceed all other direct distribution avenues. NOTE: ADVERCAN ran a POC on SMU college campus, proving that Can-top-Coupons yielded a 15% return rate! with $35B per year being spent on direct mail, KO/PEP/DPSN/BUD ETC could net $billions, while offsetting their COGS entirely.





1.       Advercan claims can-top-media; messaging labels adhered to can tops, as a proprietary advertising system. This applies particularly to easy-open beverage cans and yogurt cups, but is not limited to these types of containers.

2.       Advercan (1999-2013) has developed the world’s first copyrighted portfolio of published concepts, shapes, borders, plans, models, animations, pull-tab forms, URL placement theories, multi part gamming displays, interactive collectible layouts and cutting edge designs for can-top-advertising. This portfolio is copyrighted under the global Berne Copyright Convention. (7) Subject to the provisions of Article 7(4) of this Convention, it shall be a matter for legislation in the countries of the Union to determine the extent of the application of their laws to works of applied art and industrial designs and models, as well as the conditions under which such works, designs and models shall be protected. Works protected in the country of origin solely as designs and models shall be entitled in another country of the Union only to such special protection as is granted in that country to designs and models; however, if no such special protection is granted in that country, such works shall be protected as artistic works. (3) Translations, adaptations, arrangements of music and other alterations of a literary or artistic work shall be protected as original works without prejudice to the copyright in the original work. (Whether "designs and models", plans, or artistic works, ADVERCAN's portfolio is all encompassing) All published concepts, now at 372 and growing, are also filed as "Systems" with the United States Patent office.

a.       Advercan claims that any can-top-media designs for can-top-advertising labels must inescapably copy and extrapolate from the copyrighted Advercan portfolio. Parties using can-top-advertising labels without obtaining the low cost license from Advercan are liable to being charged with tort and conceptual plagiarism. (Original Intellectual Property protective strategy by Baker and McKenzie)

3.       Advercan has developed label and label application technology for it's can-top-advertising system, which is available to its licensees, or purchased for them by Advercan.

4.       The licensing fees also include any uses of Trademarks, or URL captured names and slogans.

5.       Certain low volume distributors will not be charged the up-front fee and allowed a 2,000 case distribution before the $50,000 non-exclusive fee is due.


      LICENSING Option A:  Primarily Major BevCo’s / Brands

·         Machinery responsibility: Licensee owns, operates & maintains machinery

·         Label costs absorbed by licensee

·         Revenue Potential: AT LEAST $1.68 per topped case (based on $0.07 ad revenue per can or $70.00 CPM)

·         License fee: $50,000 per brand licensing contract plus a per case fee of $0.12 to $0.25 per capped case depending on number of activated beverage lines

·         Example: 50 mil cases topped generates $84,000,000 of incremental revenue to the licensee while adding the priceless benefit of market share increase. (Based on a fair assumption that this mandatory read / highly targeted media distribution is worth $0.07 cents per impression)
Payment to Advercan @ $0.12 per case @ 50 mil cases = $6,000,000

·         An additional 10% commission will be charged for all advertiser bookings coming through Advercan and it’s major ad agency associations.

·         Without auditing of can count, Advercan’s fee is $250,000 per brand/per year in production. (1st pilot licensees only)


      MACHINE/LABEL OPTIONS  (All machines will take 4 months to build / install)

1.    The 5,000+ can 8-hour shift conduction labeler costs just under $20,000 and requires electric and air power to operate. (We built the prototype model for Coca Cola's Innovations Conference '07)

2.    A 50 can per minute machine costs approximately $150,000

3.    200 can per minute system is $250,000. Pressure sensitive models are $150,000

4.    800+ can per minute conduction labeler is $900,000 and will meet 1,200 to 1,700 line speeds when two are used in tandem machine operation. Pressure Sensitive Labeling systems will achieve 2000 CPM line speeds at $500,000

Label Options:

VENDOR LIST: These orders are placed directly with our sources. The average costs will be from $0.020 cents per label depending on quantities, plate changes, set up fees, and material used.


LICENSING Option B: BevCos / Distributors supply the media distribution space (Can Tops). Advercan buys the machines and supplies most of the advertiser revenues.
A letter of intent along with all relevant distribution information from a major beverage brand will immediately begin this model.

·         Machinery responsibility:  Advercan buys machinery up to 2 million dollars cost / first line

·         Label costs split by Advercan and beverage company/distributor

·         Advertisers generated through Advercan and/or directly by the licensee. Ad revenues are split equally by the two companies.

·         The license fee is waved with this model.

EXAMPLE: 10 million cases per year equates to $8,400,000.00 to each entity at $0.07 charged per ad. This is a very good incremental revenue model at $50.00 – $100.00 CPM media distribution rates.


Advercan will provide the following services to all licensees

  • Constant promotion of can top media worldwide
  • Ad sales – securing advertisers through our agency associations
    Advercan has many top tier advertisers interested in distributing messages via can tops.
  • Available Book-Bill-Pay services through a proprietary on-line system now being built.


“BUY OUT” for Exclusivity: An assumption of all copyrighted art/styles/animations, media based patents pending, 17 trademarks, 1200 URLs, and 372 published concepts may be negotiated in a term payout stock/cash structure. A major Retailer, Media, or Beverage firm could use this Intellectual Property to legally and ethically block any competition from using these models.

EXAMPLES: OMNICOM vs IPG/WPP , Wal-Mart vs Target/K Mart, MSN vs AOL, Clear Channel vs Viacom, A.B. vs Miller, or the ultimate cola war winning edge. Primary agents only please.


INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: With the paid assistance of major global ad agencies, machine manufacturers, label makers, legal firms, and beverage Co-Packers, Team Advercan is now able to place a can top media brokerage system in six continents within one year for funding in the amount of Ten million USD.

   Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America can have operational can top media brokerage systems in small Co-Packer plants within one fiscal year. The impact of this move would lead to an unmatched I.P.O.valuation to expand into high speed beverage lines worldwide.



Eight copyright certificates “The Copyright Package” of over 370 designs, shapes, models, plans, forms, uses, and animations. Three media/system based patents pending based on all copyrighted art, machining, and material types. Twenty Eight Trademarks including Peel to Reveal, Americantop, Trackfancantop, Cantopcash, Cachcans, Capslap, Mexicantop, Advercan, Cleancap, Promotionstop, Fanclubcantops, Cantopcollectibles, CantopAds, Touch and Target, Adcan, Canads, Republicantops and others. There are over 1200 URLs registered to Advercan, which literally saturates the Internet regarding our proprietary model when launched.

   Advercan's "Know How" includes relations built with many of the top machine, label, media, and beverage companies in the world. Additionally, Team Advercan has the first business plan ever written to convey the Can Top Media brokerage concept with a book-bill-pay system for this model.


To reverse engineer our concepts, designs, know-how, business models, materials, and systems R&D does not free any company from their licensing obligations to Advercan and our allied companies.

Together, we all win!             


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All Advertising Copyrights Reserved for 75 Years. Protected by the Laws of the United States Library of Commerce